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Deborah Bidwell

Senior Instructor

Address: RITA 229
Phone: 843.953.7107
Curriculum Vitae: Download


M.S. - Zoology, University of New Hampshire 1999

Research Interests

I am fascinated by Biomimicry, looking to nature for elegant, sustainable solutions to human dilemmas.

I am interested in exploring teaching methods that maximize student success in biology. I focus on the transition that entering freshmen make in moving from high school to college level academics and work to assess the impact of the First Year Experience and learning communities have on student success in biology.

Courses Taught

BIOL 101: Elements of Biology
BIOL 102: Elements of Biology
BIOL 111: Intro to Cell & Molecular Biology
BIOL 112: Evolution, Ecology & Biology of Organisms
BIOL 151: Honors Biology
BIOL 152: Evolution, Form and Function of Organisms
BIOL 211+211D: Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation Biology
BIOL 250: Natural History of Spain
BIOL 399: Independent Study
BIOL 406: Conservation Biology
BIOL 450: Problems in Biology
BIOL 499: Bachelor's Essay

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