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Craig J. Plante

Professor, Director of the Graduate Program in Marine Biology

Address: Grice 104
Phone: Office: 843.953.9187 Lab: 843.953.9193


Ph.D. - University of Washington

Research Interests

Microbial ecology, benthic biology, animal-microbe interactions, bioremediation, and the production and role of antimicrobials in marine bacteria.

Courses Taught

BIOL 341: General Ecology
BIOL 341T: Ecology, Study Abroad in Panama
BIOL 601
: Ecology of Marine Organisms


* indicates undergraduate co-author

Plante, C., *Frank, E., Roth, P.  2011. Effects of biological and physical disturbances on benthic microalgal community structure and spatial patterns: Interactions between deposit feeding and tidal resuspension. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 440: 53-65

Plante, C., *Busby, T. 2011. The influence of the facultative suspension-feeder Mesochaetopterus taylori on microbial community structure of sediments.  Bull. Mar. Sci. 87: 377-393

Plante, C.  2010. Landscape and smaller-scale effects of lugworm (Arenicola marina) deposit feeding on benthic bacterial assemblages. J. Mar. Res. 68: 743-765

Plante, C., *Feipel, S. *Wilkie, J. 2010. Disturbance effects of deposit feeding on microalgal community structure and mechanisms of recolonization.  J. Phycol. 46: 907-916

Plante, C., *Coe, K., Plante, R. 2008. Isolation of surfactant-resistant bacteria from natural, surfactant-rich marine habitats. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74: 5093-5099

Plante, C.J. 2007 Importance of the sedimentary matrix for anaerobic oil degradation by natural bacterial communities of marine sediments. Biorem. J. 11:155-163

*Busby, T., Plante, C. 2007 Deposit feeding during tidal emersion by the suspension-feeding polychaete, Mesochaetopterus taylori Potts. SE Naturalist 6:351-358