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Departmental Seminars

Fall Semester 2014

Unless noted otherwise, all seminars are held at 12 noon in SSMB Room 138.

Monday, November 10
Andrew Clark, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, College of Charleston  [website]

Monday, November 17
Developing efficient and effective sampling strategies for population and conservation genetic projects, using simulations
Sean Hoban, NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Tennessee-Knoville, [website] 

Genetic data from natural populations can be used to make inferences about evolutionary and ecological processes, including natural selection, demographic change, and environmental influences on dispersal.  In addition, samples from natural populations may be used for ex situ conservation, restoration, or plant breeding programs.  However, the choice of sampling strategy, such as number of individuals and their spatial locations, for such studies is usually ad hoc. Unfortunately, incorrect sampling strategies likely routinely lead to ambiguous or erroneous conclusions, wasted effort, and possibly incorrect management actions.  In this talk I will explain how to formally evaluate expected power of proposed sampling strategies before project implementation using stochastic genetic simulations.