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Departmental Seminars

Fall Semester 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM in Harbor Walk West (HWWE) 217

The Mysterious Life of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria in Estuarine Environments

Erin Field, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, East Carolina University

Iron-oxidizing bacteria are well-studied in high iron environments such as diffuse hydrothermal vents and freshwater iron seeps. However, we have only recently begun to explore their role in estuarine environments where reduced iron can be limiting and environmental conditions fluctuate rapidly. Recently we have found these microorganisms are widespread in estuarine sediments and can even be found in the water column where reduced iron concentrations are as low as a few micromolar. This talk will focus on the life of iron-oxidizing bacteria in these environments with emphasis on how they have adapted to life with little iron, their potential role in linking iron and sulfur biogeochemical cycles, and how this may lead to biocorrosion in estuarine environments.




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