Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center

The Rita Hollings Science Center (RITA) reopened in June 2018 after undergoing a major renovation to modernize its instructional and research capabilities.

The original building, constructed in 1974, with a second phase added on in 1987, is named for Rita Liddy Hollings, Class of 1957. 

The first through third floors of the newly renovated building consists of 8 classrooms, 51 Research Labs, and 27 Teaching Labs, which will be utilized for Biology, Physics, Astronomy, and Psychology. The fourth floor/roof houses the astronomy lab, control room, telescope dome, astronomy deck, and vivarium. The building contains over 60 faculty and staff offices. It is estimated that 12,000 students will use the newly renovated building annually, and it will have the capacity to occupy 1,138 students at a time.

RITA is located at 58 Coming Street, at the corner of Coming and George Streets.