Faculty Research

In addition to teaching and College service, faculty from the Department of Biology regularly compete for grants to fund independent research that is often conducted on campus alongside their students. This hands-on science experience is invaluable to those preparing for graduate school and professional health programs.

Read about one such grant research project, the unPAK (Undergraduate Phenotyping of Arabidopsis Knockouts).This project is led by Drs. Courtney Murren, Matt Rutter and Allan Strand.

Spalding Algae
Dr. Heather Spalding                 Deep Sea Algae Video          The discovery of red alga
Dr. Tony Harold


Dr. Heather Fullerton
Drs. Matt Rutter, Courtney Murren and Allan Strand
Dr. Allison Welch
Dr. Melissa Hughes
Dr. Christopher Korey


Dr. Jack DiTullio


Dr. Erik Sotka