Christopher Freeman

Visiting Assistant Professor

Address: RITA 231
Personal Website:


Ph.D. - University of Alabama at Birmingham

M.S. - Georgia Southern University

B.A. - Connecticut College

Research Interests

  • Coral reef ecology

  • Symbiosis

  • Sponge ecology

Courses Taught

BIOL 111: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology

BIOL 221: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation Biology

BIOL 221D: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation Biology Discussion

BIOL 341: General Ecology

BIOL 406: Conservation Biology


Honors Faculty Fellow


2021. Lunt, J., C.J. Freeman, D.S. Janiak, K. Bayliss, M. Stephens, E. Galimany, and V.J. Paul. Soft-sediment communities of the northern Indian River Lagoon, Florida USA. Frontiers in Marine Science 8:719049.

2021. Mohanty, I., S.G. Moore, J.S. Biggs, C.J. Freeman, D.A. Gaul, N. Garg, and V. Agarwal. Stereochemical assignment and absolute abundance of nonproteinogenic amino acid homoarginine in marine sponges. ACS Omega 6: 33200-33205.

2021. Galimany, E., J. Lunt, C.J. Freeman, I. Segura-Garcia, M. Mossop, A. Domingos, J. Houk, and V.J. Paul. Bivalve feeding on the brown tide Aureoumbra lagunensis in a shallow coastal environment. Frontiers in Marine Science 8.714816.

2021. Fallon, B. and C.J. Freeman. Plastics in Porifera: The occurrence of potential microplastics in marine sponges and seawater from Bocas del Toro, Panama. Peer J 9:e11638.
2021. Freeman, C.J., C.G. Easson, C.L. Fiore, and R.W. Thacker. Sponge-microbe interactions on coral reefs: Multiple evolutionary solutions to a complex environment. Frontiers in Marine Science 8:705053.
2021. Mohanty, I., S. Tapadar, S. Moore, J. Biggs, C.J. Freeman, D. Gaul, N. Garg, and V. Agarwal. Presence of bromotyrosine alkaloids in marine sponges is independent of metabolomic and microbiome architectures. mSystems 6: 1-17.
2020. Galimany, E., J. Lunt, C.J. Freeman, J. Houk, T. Sauvage, L. Santos, J. Lunt, M. Kolmakova, M. Mossop, A. Domingos, E.J. Phlips, and V.J. Paul. Bivalve feeding responses to microalgal bloom species in the Indian River Lagoon: the potential for top-down control. Estuaries and Coasts

2020. Freeman, C.J., C.G. Easson, K.M. Matterson, R.W. Thacker, D.M. Baker, and V.J. Paul. Ecological diversification in Caribbean sponges: a new perspective on an ancient association. ISME J

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2018. Freeman, C.J., D. Janiak, R. Osman, M. Mossop, and V.J. Paul. Spatial and   temporal shifts in the diet of the barnacle Amphibalanus eburneus within a subtropical estuary. Peer J 6:e5485; DOI 10.7717/peerj.5485

2018. Ohdera, A.H., M.J. Abrams, C.L. Ames, D.M. Baker, L.P. Suescún-Bolívar, A.G. Collins, C.J. Freeman, E. Gamero-Mora, T.L. Goulet, D.K. Hofmann, A. Jaimes-Becerra, P.F. Long, A.C. Marques, L.A. Miller, L.D. Mydlarz, A.C. Morandini, C.R. Newkirk, S.P. Putri, J.E. Samson, S.N. Stampar, B. Steinworth, M. Templeman, P.E. Thomé, M. Vlok, C.M. Woodley, J.C.Y. Wong, M.Q. Martindale, W.K. Fitt, and M. Medina. Upside-Down but headed in the right direction: Review of the highly versatile Cassiopea xamachana system. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6:35

2018. Baker, D.M., C.J. Freeman, C.Y. Wong, M.L. Fogel, and N. Knowlton. Climate change promotes parasitism in a coral symbiosis. ISME J

2017. Freeman, C.J., E.W. Stoner, C.G. Easson, K.O. Matterson, and D.M. Baker. Variation in δ13C and δ15N values suggests a coupling of host and symbiont metabolism in the Symbiodinium-Cassiopea mutualism. Marine Ecology Progress Series 571: 245-251

2017. Galimany, E., J. Lunt, C.J. Freeman, S. Reed, I. Segura-Garcia, and V.J. Paul. Feeding behavior of oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) in shallow estuaries: implications for bivalve restoration. Marine Ecology Progress Series 567: 125-137

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2015. Easson, C.G., K.O. Matterson, C.J. Freeman, S.K. Archer, and R.W. Thacker. Variation in species diversity and functional traits of sponge communities near human populations in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Peer J 3:e1385

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2015. Freeman, C.J., D.M. Baker, C.G. Easson, and R.W. Thacker. Shifts in sponge-microbe mutualisms across an experimental irradiance gradient. Marine Ecology Progress Series 526: 41-53

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