Courtney Gerstenmaier Felton

Adjunct Faculty

Address: 65 Coming Street 102


M.S. - University of Charleston

B.S. - College of Charleston

Courses Taught

BIOL 101: Concepts and Applications in Biology I

BIOL 102: Concepts and Applications in Biology II

BIOL 112: Evolution, Form, and Function of Organisms

BIOL 204: Man and the Environment

BIOL 211: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation Biology

BIOL 337L: Biology of Invertebrates


  • Gerstenmaier, C.E., Krueger-Hadfield, S.A., and Sotka, E.E. (2016). Genotypic Diversity in a non-native ecosystem engineer has variable impacts on productivity. MEPS 556: 79-89.