Melissa Hughes


Address: RITA 217, GML 118-120 (lab)


Ph.D. - Duke University
B.A. - Bucknell University

Research Interests

  • animal communication; honesty and deception in animal signals
  • aggressive behavior and territoriality
  • sex differences in morphology and behavior
  • evolution of song dialects in songbirds
  • individual consistency and plasticity in behavior (nonhuman "personalities")
  • inclusive pedagogy
  • poetry

Courses Taught

BIOL 112: Evolution, Form & Function of Organisms

BIOL 333/333L: Ornithology

BIOL 343/343L: Animal Behavior/Lab

BIOL 650: Graduate Seminar in Behavioral Ecology

Special Topics: The Cat: Biology and Social Construction of a Domestic Species

Special Topics: Funciton and evolution of sex and sexual behavior



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