Biology Faculty and Staff






Area of Interest

Beers, Jody M. Assistant Professor HML H112-H 843.460.9866 Marine Physiology
Bidwell, Deborah Senior Instructor RITA 229 843.953.7107 Biomimicry, Sustainabillity
Byrum, Christine A. Associate Professor RITA 233 843.953.7176 Molecular, Genomics
Clark, Andrew Associate Professor

RITA 123

843.953.4879 Comparative Biomechanics
de Buron, Isaure Professor DNR 122 843.953.3615 Marine Parasitology
DiTullio, Jack Professor HML H212-H 843.953.9196 Oceanography, Marine Ecosystems
Dustan, Phillip Professor RITA 223 843.953.8086 Ecology, Coral Reefs
Everett, Jean Senior Instructor RITA 215 843.953.7843 Botany, Plant Taxonomy
Fullerton, Heather Assistant Professor RITA 208 843.953.7363 Microbial Ecology
Geslain, Renaud Associate Professor RITA 121 843.953.8080 Molecular, Cell
Harold, Antony Professor Grice 125 843.953.9180 Ichthyology
Hillenius, W. Jaap Professor RITA 213 843.953.2297 Morphology, Paleobiology
Hughes, Melissa Professor, Associate Chair RITA 217 843.953.6557 Animal Behavior
Janech, Michael

Associate Professor

HML A 216-C 843.460.9788 Comparative Proteomics
Korey, Christopher

Professor; Associate Dean, School of Science & Math

RITA 207 843.953.7178 Neuroscience
Lazzaro, Mark Associate Professor RITA 219 843.953.7180 Plant Cell
McElroy, Eric Associate Professor, Assistant Chair RITA 203 843.953.3707 Evolutionary and Ecological Morphology
McGlinn, Daniel Associate Professor RITA 239 843.953.0190 Biodiversity
Meyer-Bernstein, Elizabeth

Associate Professor;

Interim Dean, Honors College

RITA 209; 6 Greenway 102

843.953.2298 Neurobiology, Physiology
Murren, Courtney Professor RITA 227 843.953.8077 Evolutionary Ecology
Peters, John S.

Senior Instructor; Director - Graduate Science and Math Program for Teachers (MEd.)

RITA 221 843.953.1422 Science Education,
Plante, Craig J. Professor;  Director, Graduate Program in Marine Biology Grice 104 843.953.9187 Benthic, Microbial Ecology
Podolsky, Robert D. Associate Professor;
Director, Grice Marine Laboratory
Grice 214 843.953.9186 Evolutionary Ecology, Marine Invertebrates
Pritchard, Seth Professor, Department Chair RITA 247 843.953.5995 Plant, Physiological Ecology
Rhodes, Matthew Assistant Professor RITA 119 843.953.8087 Microbial Ecology
Rutter, Matt Associate Professor; Academic Director, Stono River Preserve RITA 231 843.953.7113 Evolutionary Ecology
Sancho, Gorka Professor Grice 206 843.953.9194 Fisheries, Behavioral Ecology
Scholtens, Brian Professor RITA 211 843.953.8081 Entomology
Shedlock, Andrew Associate Professor HML H212-J 843.725.4874 Marine Genomics, Molecular Ecology, Biogeography
Sotka, Erik Professor Grice 208 843.953.9191 Evolutionary Ecology, Chemical Ecology
Southgate, Agnes Professor RITA 225 843.953.6544 Genetics, Molecular
Spalding, Heather Assistant Professor RITA 206 843.953.1461 Phycology
Strand, Allan Professor Grice 216 843.953.9189 Computational, Molecular Ecology
Triblehorn, Jeffrey Associate Professor;
Director, Neuroscience Minor

RITA 117

843.953.5848 Neuroscience
Vance, Jason Associate Professor RITA 237 843.953.4880 Biomechanics
Welch, Allison Associate Professor;
Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor
RITA 235 843.953.5451 Herpetology, Ecology
Zimmerman, Anastasia Associate Professor RITA 125 843.953.8083 Molecular, Immunology
Bandyopadhyay, Mausumi Adjunct Faculty RITA 204 843.953.7112
Bland, Alison Research Specialist HML H102 843.460.9846
Burnett, Karen Research Associate GML 843.460.9876
Coliano Hirsch, Tracy Adjunct Faculty RITA 216 843.953.1381
Edgerton, Jimmy Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 101
Freeman, Christopher Visiting Assistant Professor RITA 201;HML H112-F
Gerstenmaier Felton, Courtney Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 102 843.953.0783
Grespin, R. Tyler Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 101
Jafri, Farahdiba Adjunct Faculty SSMB 326 843.953.5587
Janech, Kathleen Adjunct Faculty

65 Coming St. 214

Kelley, Amanda Adjunct Faculty RITA 216
Lee, Peter Research Associate HML H212-C 843.460.9785
McCoy, Jessica Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 102 843.953.0783
McManus, Miranda Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 213 843.953.6872
Menzel, Lorenzo Adjunct Faculty RITA 260

Roumillat, Bill

Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 101

Senn, Lauren

Adjunct Faculty 65 Coming St. 214 843.953.4970
Southgate, Richard Visiting Assistant Professor RITA 224 843.953.7374
Anderson, William Professor Emeritus Grice 125A 843.953.9182
Burnett, Louis E. Professor Emeritus GML 843.460.9877
Morrison, Susan Professor Emeritus
Owens, David W. Professor Emeritus Grice 119 843.953.9176

****STAFF CONTINUE TO OPERATE REMOTELY; we are receiving voice messages but are best reached by email.****

STAFF - Biology
Bisner, April Murren Project Manager RITA 288  843.953.8077 
DiBenedetto, Mouna Lecturer, Lab Manager RITA 245 843.953.4847
Dooley, Shanon Rusk '11 Business Manager RITA 249 843.953.6371
Eippert, Karen

Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising

School of Sciences & Mathematics

SSMB 132 843.953.6460
Jones, Damaris Office Manager RITA 251 843.953.9708
McLaughlin, Taylor '15 Lab Assistant RITA 260A 843.953.1462
Scott, Shera '02 Administrative Assistant RITA 253 843.953.5696 
STAFF - Grice Marine Laboratory
Hill-Spanik, Kristina Molecular Core Lab Manager Grice 210 843.953.9193
Hiott, Katie Admininstrative Specialist Grice 102 843.953.9200 
Meier, Peter Manager, Marine Operations Grice 116 843.953.9218

Salcedo, Norma

Adm. Coordinator, Graduate Program in Marine Biology Grice 122 843.953.9170

Townsley, Greg

Lab Manager Grice 109 843.953.9174

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