Biology and Marine Biology Students in the News

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     Marine Biology major Emily Dombrowski '23 named Goldwater Scholar.

      Emily Dobrowski, 2022 Goldwater Scholar

    Biology majors intern with Pipeline for Aspiring Surgical Scientists at MUSC


    Marine Biology majors Emily Dombrowski '23 and Claire White '23 receive NOAA Scholarships.

       dombroski-200x300.jpg        claire-white.jpg  

     Biology major Kirsten Snyder '23 and Marine Bio major Hails Tanaka '22 are Goldwater Scholars.

       snyder_kristen.jpg         tanaka_hails.jpg

     Senior biology major Katlyne Jeter, founder of a new organization Minorities and Medicine.


Vernon Kennedy Jr. '21 receives 2021 Presidential Award for Scholarship, Leadership and Serivce

Senior biology major Vernon Kennedy Jr. '21 named a Goldwater Scholar.


Marine Biology majors James Strange '20 and Creed Branham '20 study sharks.


Marine Biology major Bailey Fallon '20 help in discovery of ancient sea turtle.

Bailey Fallon

Biology major and women's softball pitcher Kylie Burke '21 spent her summer as a medical intern at Emory University


Biology major Matthew Magee '21 studied bees during Summer Undergraduate with Faculty Research in 2019.


Marine Biology majors Bailey Fallon '20 and Abby Stephens do summer research on sponges in Panama.


Biology Major Tatjana Williams '19  "is a flurry of positive vitality and enthusiasm".


Marine Biology major Sophie Kreutz '19 wins Fulbright Scholar award.


Biology major Adeyemi Oduwole '19 named a National Geographic Explorer


Biology majors Victoria Bailey '19 and Ka'Dedra Andrea Creech were recent recipients of a pre-med scholarship.

Victoria                                                    kadedra

Biology major Anna Collett studies bees with Dr. Jason Vance

Anna Collett, College of Charleston

Biology Major Olivia LaRussa conducts senior research on ants with Dr. Brian Scholtens





Biology Student Athletes

Biology major Khris Kuhn '20 Collects Institutional Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year Honors


Biology major Hayden DiBona '20 making runs on the men's cross country team


Biology major Maddy Brill-Edwards '19 honored with the 2018-19 Colonial Athletic Association Leadership and Sport Excellence Award


Biology major Alexia Neal runs Track and Field

Alexia Neal, College of Charleston track and field