Marine Biology

The Graduate School of the University of Charleston offers a program leading to a master of science in marine biology. Several participating institutions contribute faculty and support to the program, including the Marine Resources Research Institute of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the Charleston Laboratory of the National Ocean Services (NOAA), the Medical University of South Carolina, the Hollings Marine Laboratory, and The Citadel. The M.S. degree is awarded by the College of Charleston, and students use facilities and resources of all the participating institutions. The program is research-oriented, and a thesis is required of all students. Because of the broad scope of faculty interests and facilities, an extremely wide variety of research and training opportunities are available in such areas as marine genomics, ecology, fisheries biology, marine biodiversity (systematics, phylogeny, biogeography), evolutionary biology, cell and molecular biology, physiology, microbiology, marine conservation, oceanography, aquatic toxicology, mariculture, marine mammal biology, and biomedicine/biotechnology.


Craig Plante
Program Director