Departmental Seminars

Spring Semester 2021: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm via Zoom*


1/25/2021 (Talk A): Andrew Clark (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston) Biting hard with a soft body and a jawless feeding apparatus

1/25/2021 (Talk B): Eric McElroy (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston)
Ecomorphology of pelvis shape in lizards

2/8/2021: George Somero (Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University) Molecular adaptation to environmental stress: intrinsic versus extrinsic solutions

2/15/2021: Gitte McDonald (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories) Pushing the limit: diving physiology of marine mammals

2/22/2021: Jane Kelly (South Carolina Department of Health and Education) COVID-19: New variants and new strategies

3/1/2021: Scott Persons (Dept. of Geology, College of Charleston) Beyond the feathered revolution: dinosaur evolution’s next three big questions

3/8/2021: Elizabeth Fairchild (Biological Sciences, University of New Hampshire) Increasing domestic aquaculture production with environmentally friendly technology: promoting cleanerfish in salmonid farmin

3/15/2021: Erik Sotka (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston) TBA

3/22/2021: Melissa Hughes (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston) Sex, weapons & mating systems: it’s not always what you (or your students) think

3/29/2021: Ben Neely (NIST–Charleston) Comparative proteomics: current capabilities and future opportunities

4/5/2021: Kat Dawson (Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University) Marine geomicrobiology

4/12/2021 (Talk A): Jean Everett (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston) (hopefully .edu)

4/12/2021 (Talk B): Heather Spalding (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston) How does your garden grow? Regional differences in macroalgal stable isotopes and tissue nitrogen suggest anthropogenic influences from shallow to mesophotic depths in the Hawaiian Archipelago

4/19/2021: Jack DiTullio (Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston) Pole to pole in 2018: Sabbatical-based oceanographic research


*The CofC community may email Christine Byrum for more details and a Zoom registration link 5 days prior to each seminar.