Departmental Honors in Biology

Departmental Honors in Biology

The designation of Departmental Honors does not appear on a diploma, transcript, or graduation bulletin.  Rather, it is an honor that spotlights your hard work for graduate school or job applications and will be recognized at the School of Science and Math Awards Ceremony.

Designed for mature individuals who are capable of sustained and independent work, the program of departmental honors is designed to give advanced students of exceptional ability an opportunity to explore intensively a field of their particular interest. Students take the initiative in outlining their proposed research, experiment, or special study; in enlisting the support of a faculty advisor; and in securing the approval of the department. At the conclusion of the program, departmental honors may be awarded only with the approval of the department.

To be eligible, students must have

  • earned a grade point average in the major of at least 3.500 and
  • completed either a bachelor’s essay or two independent studies with disciplinary expectations comparable to those of a bachelor’s essay.

In order for two independent studies to be considered in place of a bachelor’s essay, those independent studies, like a successful bachelor’s essay, should develop the student’s proficiency in research as understood by the discipline, and lead to finished composition(s) distinguished by their organization, reasoning, and expression. 

Students do not need to apply for this recognition.  The department will consider all students who have met the requirements above.  Final approval is by majority vote of the roster faculty.