Departmental Honors in Biology

Departmental Honors in Biology

The designation of Departmental Honors does not appear on a diploma, transcript, or graduation bulletin.  Rather, it is an honor that spotlights your hard work on graduate school and job applications and will be recognized at the School of Science and Math Awards Ceremony.

The CofC catalog indicates that Departmental Honors requires 12 credit hours of “exceptionally fine” independent work and a GPA of 3.5 or greater in the major.  In Biology, independent work is recognized in the form of BIOL individual enrollment credited research courses (BIOL 399, 447, 448, 450/451, 499).  Other forms of independent work that may also be considered, at the discretion of the department, include: 

  • BIOL 397 (0-credit) during academic semesters or summer
  • Structured research at other local institutions (e.g., MUSC) during academic semesters or summer
  • Summer research programs (e.g., REU, HHMI, Hollings)
  • Research credits with another department acronym (e.g., HONS, CHEM, PHYS) that have substantial relevance to biology

Starting in spring 2018, interested students must complete an application form by March 31 of the graduation semester.

Starting in spring 2020, interested students will be required to complete a piece of written scholarship equivalent to a Bachelor’s Essay.

To apply for Departmental Honors in Biology, complete this application:

Final approval is by majority vote of the roster faculty.

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